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Our team of core tutors is supported by a number of casual tutors with expertise in a variety of VCE and IB subjects as well as in adult education.





Simone·Thissen, founder and director of Education Link has been an experienced and passionate educator for more than 20 years. With an intimate knowledge of both·the·European and·the·Australian education systems,·and years of extensive travelling,·Simone knows how to teach locally for an increasingly global society. She has had teaching experience in the public as well as the private school sector, and her genuine interest in her students’ welfare inside as well as outside the classroom has equipped a large group of young Australians with the strong belief that one teacher can make a difference.

Simone has hand-picked her team at Education Link·and she is proud to be surrounded by passionate, enthusiastic and foremost knowledgeable colleagues and young tutors whose academic and professional achievements·are a credit to the company. She is still actively involved in the teaching profession, currently looking after two senior English Language classes at Yarra Valley Grammar.







Claudia is studying Science in her first year at Monash University. Her cheerful personality and her fabulous understanding of all things science have made Claudia very popular with our students. Being close in age to our senior secondary students makes it easy for her to relate to the challenges students face in the areas of chemistry, biology and general science studies.






Belinda is a passionate teacher of English, Humanities and the Behavioural Sciences with over 20 years’ experience both within and outside the traditional classroom environment. Her career has traversed diverse sectors including education, arts, community development and cultural diversity both in Australia and overseas. Previous roles include teaching ESL to students aged 6 through to adults. She has extensive experience in teaching IELTS preparation to both young and mature adult students. Belinda has worked as an International Student Counsellor, ESL Summer School and Study Tour Co-ordinator for the Tasmanian Education Department and has also managed programs for students at high risk of disengagement.
Belinda teaches: IELTS Preparation Classes, EAL Classes






Erica is a qualified primary school teacher with more than a decade of teaching and tutoring experience. She has excellent communication skills, and her students enjoy working with Erica. She has a sense of humour, imagination and she has her students' respect.·Erica's contribution to·creating a positive and warm·teaching and learning climate at Education Link is most valued.







Ian joins Education Link with years of teaching experience in Mathematics and Physics. His work in the secondary schooling sector allows Ian to prepare students effectively for their final examinations in both IB and VCE. Ian is a valued team member who creates a friendly and co-operative environment for the students he works with. 






Jessica, Education Link's Chinese tutor cares about diversity and inclusion in a warm and supportive classroom setting.·Se is a young and dynamic teacher who has a good sense of humour and enjoys challenging her students. Her excellent knowledge of the curriculum and her outstanding work ethic are appreciated by parents and students alike. 




earning Support


Melissa is part of our Learning Support team with more than a decade of experience in teaching under her belt. She has experience in NAPLAN testing, literacy and numeracy teaching, and she has worked both as a classroom teacher and a pastoral teacher. Leadership roles in Learning Support have prepared her for the challenges of designing a meaningful program for students with special learning needs. We are proud to have Melissa on board, and we are confident that the students at Education Link will love and respect Melissa as much as the students at her previous place of employment.






Nicole is still actively teaching in a private school in the eastern suburbs. As a teacher of English and with years of experience in educational support, she ensures that students are able to explore topics and tackle challenges with confidence. Like all excellent educators, Nicole tells students 'where to look, but not what to see' (Alexandra K.Trenfor)






In 2014 Oliver graduated from Tintern Schools after completing the International Baccalaureate, and is now now a first-year student at Monash University studying Aerospace Engineering and Science. He has a quiet and patient personality that adapts to the students´ learning needs. Oliver is enthusiastic about Science and Maths, and enjoys sharing this passion with others. He has tutored a range of students in the past and understands there are varying learning styles and abilities.Oliver tutors in Maths, Physics, Chemistry.







Paula is a creative and passionate educator whose contribution to Education Link in English, Legal Studies, History, Politics as well as literacy and numeracy is greatly valued. Paula brings years of tutoring experience to our centre. She provides a collaborative and inclusive learning environment to our students. Paula promotes dialogue and diversity, and she understands the need to cater for students with different needs.






Sebastian is originally from Hobart where he completed year 12 in 2014, and achieved an ATAR of 99.75. This year he moved to Melbourne to begin his undergraduate degree at Monash University. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts on an academic scholarship. His areas of academic expertise rest in English and Legal Studies.





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